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Looking for packaging that will help your product stand out amongst the rest?

Collaborate with our design team to make an eye-catching vision into reality.

With a range of optional features and flexible sizes, creating a custom bags is great for packing products like pet food, coffee, loose leaf tea, bath salts, and all manner of bulk goods.


You can choose from a wide range of colour and material options - from kraft, glossy, clear, matte, and soft plastic. The structure of the bags provide strength for high volumes and larger prints as well as barrier properties to keep your goods fresh for longer.


**Custom products are priced upon request**

Please email with your product requirement details and for more information.

Custom Bags

  • Valves can be applied to bags of all shapes and sizes, holding a huge variety of food products: coffee, all sorts of vegetables, instant meals, microwavable foods, and more.

    We offer valves with or without filter paper - two types, round (internally installed) or square (externally fitted).

    The challenge to get fresher coffee to the market place is fierce. Coffee is a highly sensitive product to environment factors, even a small amount of oxygen will impair both the aroma and flavour.

    With the additional feature of a Pbi filter valve it allows CO2  generated from the beans to be released from inside the bag without letting oxygen in. This will ensure that the flavour of the product inside remains of high quality and keeps a longer shelf life.

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