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Coffee packaging


Designed for coffee lovers, this classic style bag provides a box like shelf presence with great packing efficiency.

Our stock packaging is available to purchase immediately with low minimum order quantities of 100pcs and are a great option for branding using labels/stickers or stamps.


All of our stock products are food grade and will ensure product freshness. They are designed to be heat sealed before distribution.

Coffee bag black gusset


250g SKU: GBLV-85 85 W x 280 H x 45 G 

$0.55/unit. Carton of 1000 discounted to $0.50

500g SKU:GBLV-105 105W x 300H x 60G 

$0.58/unit. Carton of 1000 discounted to $0.53

1kg SKU:GBLV-130 130 W x 400 H x 70 G 

$0.67/unit. Carton of 500 discounted to $0.61

2kg SKU:GBLV-170 170 W x 470 H x 120 G 

$0.93/unitCarton of 250 discounted to $0.90

Prices exclude GST


Taped Block Bottom

250g SKU:GBKV-90 90 W x 225 H x 50 G

$0.56/unitCarton of 1000 discounted to $0.51/unit

500g SKU: GBKV-100 100 W x 295 H x 60 G

$0.60/unitCarton of 500 discounted to $0.55/unit

1kg SKU: GBKV-145 145 W x 335 H x 70 G

$0.70/unitCarton of 250 discounted to $0.65/unit

Prices exclude GST

coffee bag gusset brown kraft
coffee bag silver gusset


Only available in
250g SKU: GSLV-85 85 W x 280 H x 45 G

$0.55/unit. Carton of 1000 discounted to $0.50

Price excludes GST


Tin ties provide the means of affordable re-closure and allows your product to maintain freshness as its consumed over time; simple and effective. They are adhered to the top of your side gusset bags with a tape strip.

Can be ordered 100min. or full carton is 1000pcs.

Black tin tie 140mm fits 250g & 500g bags. SKU: W20B$0.16/unit.

Black tin tie 178mm fits 1kg bags. SKU: W30B$0.16/unit.

Brown Kraft tin tie 140mm fits 250g & 500g bags. SKU: W20K$0.16/unit.

White Kraft tin tie 140mm fits 250g & 500g bags. SKU: W20W$0.16/unit.

tin ties


Versatility - Can be used for a wide range of products, including coffee, tea, snacks, pet food, and more.

Capacity - Hold a larger volume of products than stand-up pouches or box pouches. The side gussets allow the bag to expand and accommodate more contents.

Durability - Designed to withstand heavy loads and rough handling. The flat bottom provides stability and prevents the bag from tipping over or spilling.

Branding - Offer ample printable surface area for branding and product information. The front, back, and side panels of the bag can be printed with high-quality graphics or logos to help your product stand out on store shelves.

Cost-effective - Side gusset bags are typically less expensive to produce than other types of packaging, such as box pouches or rigid containers. They require less material to make and can be shipped more efficiently, reducing transportation costs.


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