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Sherborne Packaging

About Sherborne Packaging

Welcome to Sherborne Packaging, based in Hobsonville and with over two decades of industry experience. We are your trusted partner for all your packaging needs. Our dedicated team is committed to making every interaction meaningful, offering competitive rates, and delivering the meticulous attention to detail your product deserves. Discover how we create a significant impact for you and your business by maintaining solid relationships throughout the entire supply chain, including the design team, production, freight forwarders, and local couriers.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Sherborne, we are dedicated to sustainable packaging solutions. We recognize the importance of environmentally responsible, economically feasible, and socially acceptable packaging to minimise its environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. The need for sustainable packaging has grown significantly in recent years. Consumers are demanding eco-friendly options, and businesses are realising the economic benefits of sustainable packaging, including cost savings and increased customer loyalty.


Key Principles of Sustainable Packaging

Material Selection: We prioritise renewable, recyclable, or biodegradable materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, and bio-based plastics, which can be recycled or biodegraded after use.


Design for Recyclability: Our packaging is designed to be easily recyclable, compatible with existing recycling systems, and free from harmful additives or coatings.


Reducing Waste: We minimise packaging waste by using only the necessary materials for product protection and avoiding excessive or unnecessary packaging.


Energy Efficiency: Our sustainable packaging is designed to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing.


Social Responsibility: We prioritise fair labour practices and consider the impact on local communities in our production process.

Our Environmental Initiatives


Within our Sherborne office, we strive to minimise waste by going paperless whenever possible and recycling all pallet wrapping, paper, and cardboard. We are proud to work with Toitū - Carbon Reduce Certified couriers and utilise soft plastics or cardboard recyclable products for shipping. We also encourage the use of soft plastics recyclable materials in our bags, supporting the Soft Plastics Recycling NZ program.

Soft Plastic Recycling
Recycling Guide
Soft Plastic Recycling

Compostable Packaging

Compostable packaging is at the forefront of sustainable packaging innovations. At Sherborne, we manufacture compostable packaging while recognizing certain limitations. We are committed to ensuring that our compostable products meet certification criteria and are applied effectively. Factors such as barrier capabilities, material compatibility, product lifespan, and disposal methods are all considered. To learn more about compostable packaging and whether it's a viable option for your needs, please get in touch.


This recent development is driven by consumer and industry demand for eco-friendliness and reduced single-use plastics. While we can produce compostable packaging, there are considerations, including product freshness, mixed material impacts, product degradation, and disposal methods. For more information on compostable packaging, please click the button below.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss whether compostable packaging is a viable option for you.

To gain a better understanding about compostable packaging in New Zealand, refer to the articles below.

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