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We recommend that you trial your product in the pouches to ensure that they meet your packaging requirements.


Receive a discount for purchasing full cartons (range from 500-1,000pcs depending on size of bag).

Customize Your Product

With all custom design products we work closely with you to make sure you get exactly what you're after - the look, feel, and customer experience.

A sample is made and sent to you for final approval before production begins.

Offshore printing

Minimum order quantity for offshore custom branding is 2,000, however fewer quantities are an option. Turnaround time is typically 8 - 12 weeks. Contact us for more information.


For those wanting to brand less than 200 paper bags, we would suggest printing stickers. We are happy to have custom stickers printed for you and applied. Contact us for more information. Our design team with work with you to create your desired outcome at quickly and efficiently as possible.


Join us on Upstock where you can find the pricelist for our stock products & place orders.

Upstock is a free service that gives you easy access to not only the best packaging products, but also encourages less time spent on ordering admin, so you can focus on other important areas of the business. Using Upstock makes our lives easier and we chose a solution we thought would be best for our customers too.


Our product list is already on Upstock at the prices you order from us. It will also be updated with any exciting products we release in the future. 


You can favourite products so they’re easy to re-order and you can order from multiple suppliers at once. The best part about Upstock is you can use it for all your wholesale ordering, not just from us - packaging, fresh produce, cold drinks and cleaning supplies all in one go.


Send us an            if you have any questions with ordering

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